Thursday, 3 March 2016

More of Advanced Squad Leader

Well, it's been a year since I've last posted about Advanced Squad Leader.  I've gone over the games I've played and in the last 13 months, I've played 32 games to completion, with a win/loss record of 15 and 17. 

Here are some of my noteworthy games:

Badonov's Boys 

This was my first-ever full ASL match that was played face to face.  This was played at Huzzahcon in Maine. I lost this match quite handily; however, I did well.  I opened the match with a long range AT shot against a Ferdinand that cut it in half.  Later, I had the other Ferdinand with 2 T 34s on either flank.  Unfortunately (for me), that Ferdinand shot and killed both tanks with great shots.

The Queen's Prequel 

At the same tournament, I won this game, my first ever!  I was the defending Germans and I prevailed against Ted Wilcox.  He is a gentleman player and I thoroughly enjoyed the match.

In Sight of the Volga

Alain Chabot and I played this face to face at my place during a great weekend.  I was moving to the USA and we took this opportunity to get in one last blast.  I note this scenario because it was the first full ASL match in which I won vs Alain.

Among the Ruins

This was a VASL game that I played against Alain Chabot.  I was the attacker, and this was one game in which my plan pretty much survived contact.  I drove through his flank and pressed on to the exit area for the victory conditions.  Great match

So, in short, this is a great game, I love it, and given that I am now in a virtual pool of great players, I can only see my participation and enthusiasm growing by leaps and bounds!

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