Sunday, 31 May 2015

Advanced Squad Leader

Many years ago, I started playing Squad Leader.  It's a tactical board wargame, and I enjoy playing.  Immensely.

With the age of the computers, this game not only survived, but thrived.  Now people could keep in contact with one another by email, and various player aids allowed for remote games to take part in near or virtual real time.

I recently "graduated" to Advanced Squad Leader.  It took a long long time to get me to move up, but I did just that.  I'm hooked.

I still like Squad Leader and I marvel at its innovation it brought to the genre.  But with Advanced Squad Leader, there are so many more options, but this is mainly due to there being so many active players.  Not to mention new modules being released even now.

So, with the spirit of jumping into the game wholeheartedly, here's what I've done:

on 15, 16 and 17 May I went to Portland Maine (5 hours, one way) for a tournament.  I ended up playing in four matches, going 1 and 3.

I lost the first game (Badanov's Boys) playing as the Soviet.  I started out strong, but I ended up losing, big time, to Robert Loper and his skilfully led Germans.

Next I played "The Queen's Prequel" against Ted Wilcox.  I ended up winning as the defending Germans, albeit due to some heavy luck in my favour.

My next match was out of "Paratrooper": silence that gun!  I chose to attack as the Americans, and in a very hotly contested match, I lost out to James (I forget his last name!)

The final match was ASL 1: fighting withdrawal.  As the attacking Finns, I failed to exit anyone off the board: 2 squads made it to the VERY EDGE of the board.  That's how close it was!

Today, 31 May, I ended up playing my fifth complete game.  We went for a classic, playing ASL A: "Guards Counterattack".  I was the defending Germans, and was up against Andrew Luden's aptly led Soviets.  Snipers were key in this one, making key attacks at key times in the game.  Also, Melee was the order of the day.  At one point there were four Melee markers on the map!

So, in five games, I'm 2 and 3.  Not too bad.  I have a sixth on the go: playing against Ted Wilcox.  We are playing one out of Paratrooper: Le Manoir.  So far the only real action has been my sniper whacking his hero!  But it's the start of the 4th US turn, I've suffered no casualties, but I still have a ways to go to break into his defensive line.

I'll be sure to post up some updates as they come.

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