Tuesday, 31 May 2016

ASL, one year later

Wow.  What a year it's been.  31 May 2015 I wrote that my overall ASL record stood at 3 wins and 4 losses.  Well, today, 31 May 2016, it stands at 21 and 29.  By my math, that's 43 matches in a year.  Less than 1 per week, but I'm working on it.  I played four last week (I went 2 and 2) and I'm already set to play 2 (at least) this coming weekend.

So, last year, I noted that I had the first version of the rule book, Beyond Valor (USSR and Germans and some smattering of Finns), Paratrooper (USA) and For King and Country (UK and commonwealth).  I have since then purchased a few more things...

As fate would have it, about a year ago right now, I met a fellow by the name of Larry Brien. He was selling off his ASL collection.  I ended up buying it from him.
What did I get?  Well, in addition to the Version 2 Rules, I got the following:
Beyond Valor Version 2 (with Red Barricades) and Version 3
Paratrooper Version 2
West of Alamein
For King and Country (giving me two copies)
The Last Hurrah
Hollow Legions
Code of Bushido
Gung Ho!
Croix de Guerre
Doomed Battalions
Armies of Oblivion
Rising Sun
Streets of Fire (Deluxe ASL)
Pegasus Bridge (HASL)
Valor of the Guards (HASL)
A Bridge Too Far (HASL, complete with the so-called "Black SS")
Operation Veritable (Historical Study)
Kampfgruppe Peiper 1 (HASL)
Kampfgruppe Peiper 2 (HASL)
Festung Budapest (HASL)
There were also a number of other goodies, such as third party products, especially from Lone Canuck.

This game has bitten me, and since moving to the Washington DC area, I have been lucky to meet many other like-minded ASL gurus.  Some are more experienced than I, others less so.  And we all share one passion: moving our little men around the board in mortal cardboard combat.

Let's see what the next year brings!