Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November comes to an end

Well, November is ending.  And with it ends my first full month of no smoking.  Verdict?  A+!  I feel great, and I'm spending WAY LESS than I expected!  MUCH MUCH less.  So much so, that I have, as stated, followed my budget. 

Well, I didn't follow it, I superceded it, with a net surplus this month of $94.04.  And this is only counting from the 6th of November on.  So, I'm that much closer to reaching my goals!  I am climbing out of debt, slowly but surely, and my reliance on my over draught ought to be eliminated by the end of January!

So, my reserve account is gaining health at over 100 dollars, and this is just prior to Christmas.  It's not a fantastic amount, but it's in the "good".  In fact, with all my bills paid, and only now needing money for my day to day expenses, my overdraught is around -400.  Typically, it was much worse than that, hovering near -1000.  And it never got any better.  Or so it seemed.

One month into no smoking, and already 600 dollars richer.  Actually, closer to 700, including the amount I'm now paying myself!  Who knew that quitting smoking would be so much fun? 

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