Sunday, 20 November 2011

My New Obsession

So, now that I've quit smoking, what on earth do I do to keep myself occupied? Well, as I said earlier, I quit for purely financial reasons, knowing full well, of course, that health benefits would follow.  Well, one day, as I was going over how much money I was saving (using "Silkquit") I had a "EUREKA" moment.  "What if," I mused, "if I were to actually have a budget, complete with goals and everything?"
So, using a spreadsheet program that is rather EXCELlent, I did up a budget.  The goals were simple:
Eliminate all debt
Build a financial reserve

I then had a daily allotment of how much I could spend (roughly 140.00 per week) and then kept track of what I spent.
Suffice it to say, I'm doing alright.  At my midmonth mark (aka "Pay Day"), I was ahead on my budget by $34.83.  So, that money was set aside into my "reserve" bank account.  I should have 200 in that account by mid-month in December, and guess what I'm doing with it?  That's right: Christmas gifts!
Oh, another thing, I haven't paid a single thing by debit card since I started.  I figure out how much money I will need, and then withdraw it from a bank machine OF MY OWN BANK.  If I find that I am withdrawing too often, I'll simply draw the money at the start of a pay period (using the teller) and then rely on cash (and discipline) to stick to it. 
Anyway, I'll keep you updated!

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